Collin Marshall

Graphic Design, Logo Design, Page Layout, Photo Editing

  • T Shirt Designed For White Pines Ranch using Illustrator.
  • T Shirt Designed For White Pines Ranch using Illustrator.
  • T Shirt Designed for the band "My God, The Heat" using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Challenger Created in Illustrator using the pen and pathfinder tools in Illustrator.
  • Sunglasses created in Illustrator using the pen and gradient tools.
  • D.A.N. certificate designed for Midwest Martial Arts Council using a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
  • Movie poster designed for a Desktop Publishing class using a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign (not a real movie).
  • T Shirt designed for the band "Matter Of Fact" using Illustrator.
  • Photo edited for the band "Matter Of Fact" using Photoshop.
  • Image created for the band "Matter Of Fact" using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Graphic design, logo design, photo editing, and page layout whatever your business needs I'm here to help. Using what I've learned while earning my degree in Graphic Arts at Rock Valley College I can help your business achieve that 'look' you're going for.

Through my education I have learned about virtually every aspect of the graphic arts field. After completing multiple classes on topics like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator I have learned the ins and outs of graphic arts. I've completed classes that covered different forms of printing like offset, screen, and digital. There have also been a variety of classes that I have taken that dealt with things like page layout and photo correction.

While I've learned most of my knowledge taking classes, I've also learned a lot of things hands on. I have some knowledge and experience in finishing and binding thanks to an internship at Rock Valley College's Print Services. Through this internship I've learned many different binding and finishing techniques like cutting, folding, and laminating just to name a few. We have the machines and tools to fulfill most orders however we don't do any foil stamping, die cutting, or embossing.


I've successfully completed multiple classes specifically focused on the program as well as many classes that used the program for different projects throughout the duration of the class. I also use Illustrator quite often for freelance jobs.


I've completed a variety of classes that intensively focused on Photoshop. I also have taken desktop publishing classes that heavily use the program. Photoshop is a tool that I often use for school and freelance work.

Page Layout

I am very comfortable with page layout. I have taken multiple desktop publishing classes that involved a lot of different page layout. I've learned how to layout everything from business card templates to tri-fold brochures.

Photo Editing

I've learned many photo editing techniques through classes at Rock Valley College. I also have gained experience doing some photo editing for a few different local bands and of course I've done some perosnal photo editing.

Finishing and Binding

I've had almost two years of experience in all aspects of finishing and binding through an internship at Rock Valley College's print services department.

Print Services Intern

Feb 2012 - PresentRock Valley College: Print Services

At RVC's print services department we print virtually everything that the college uses from business cards to large banners. I don't do any desktop publishing (although I do know how) because we receive the majority of our artwork in .pdf format. My job responsibilities cover everything but running the offset presses. The majority of the work is cutting, folding, and binding. I also do some digital printing and a good amount of laminating. Through this internship I have learned a large majority of binding and finishing techniques as well as gained experience in customer service. Taking classes in Graphic Arts Technology has taught me about all the design and layout aspects of printing and through my internship I have learned hands on most finishing processes.

Freelance Work

Jan 2011 - PresentMidwest Martial Arts Council, Matter Of Fact, My God The Heat, White Pines Ranch

I've done some freelance design work for a few different businesses and bands. I designed a few t-shirts for White Pines Ranch a dude ranch in Oregon, IL. I was also hired to redesign a D.A.N. certificate for the Midwest Martial Arts Council. I've designed t-shirts and posters for the bands "My God, The Heat" and "Matter Of Fact" as well.

Rock Valley College

2010 – 2013

Major: Graphic Arts Technology

Oregon High School

2000 – 2004