GLaDOS - Cel Shade Drawing

Assignment (GAT 215 - Advanced Illustrator): Create an image with the look of a cel-shaded model by drawing shapes filled with solid colors, and no strokes. Gradients are not permitted.

Wii Classic Controller - Parts Breakdown Technical Drawing

Assignment (GAT 215 - Advanced Illustrator): Create a perspective-less technical drawing of a device of your choosing, with as many details as possible. Ensure that proportions are correct and that there is no perspective in the image.

Super Meat Boy - Die-Cut Ad

Assignment (GAT 242 - Advanced Desktop Publishing): Create a die-cut advertisement for a product of your choice. Design the ad such that certain elements on the inside of the ad are not visible from the outside, and will be viewed when the ad is unfolded. One page of the document file should contain the outline of the shape the die will cut.